School Hours
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School Hours
Take In Time:
7:45 AM
Dismissal Time:
2:55 PM
Main Telephone Line:

  Dalia  Torres

After School Care
The afterschool Latchkey program at Magee is operated by the City of Corpus Christi Parks and Recreations Department. Students leave classrooms at dismissal time and go directly to the Magee cafeteria for Latckkey services. You can contact Latchkey at 826-3499
Additional Notes
Thank you for your patience and continued cooperation with our afternoon Pick-Up Procedure. In order to minimize the time you wait in line, please remember the following: • Continue pulling up behind the car in front of you until your child has gotten in your vehicle. • Please cooperate with the personnel directing the flow of traffic. • Your child will come to your vehicle. • PLACARD - Please have your child’s name written on the placard and the placard placed so that it can be seen easily by the monitors.